Friday, August 29, 2008

There is this wheat field. I have seen it glowing off to my right as I zip toward Target.
Last night as Katie and I went in search of earrings for a birthday gift, I planned ahead and
brought my camera.

The light wasn't the best but I was going to try anyway. I was able to pull right up to the field (unexpected) and there were even tracks to walk in.
Thank you very much.

Katie loves big spots like this to run and play in and said she wished we had this in our backyard.


Me too.

I like the wide open spaces. You know, me and a view. It's my thing.

So, instead of the five questions for the day, I heard a good question last night and I don't think I have asked this for a while.

So let's answer this one, and feel free to elaborate :o)

If you were to jump in a time machine; what year would you go back to and why?


Be excellent to one another and party on dudes,


UPDATE: I am back from dropping Katie off at school.
When I drove up to the playground-drop off area, Katie squealed and started waving.
A little girl was standing just behind the orange cones, waving wilding at Katie.
It couldn't have been more perfect.
I am so happy.

Thanks for putting up with all my Katie ramblings this week.
I'll talk about something else next week, I promise.

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